One Year Parts & Labor Warranty

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We offer a one year part guarantee on all parts installed by us

You must have the original receipt at the time of the return visit. The part or parts must have been used in the manner which it was intended for. Truthfully I put the best factory original parts on to prevent future breakdowns. I have seen maybe three (3) parts go bad in my memory of the last ten (10) years. Remember I am the owner the service tech and the secretary. I really don't want anything to go wrong. If your appliance breaks soon after I would just have to fix it for free the second time. Fixing your appliances correctly the first time benefits us both. With 40 years experience repairs are a snap. I want your experience and repair to be perfect. I want to be your appliance repairman for life and hopefully you will tell others when the subject arrives. 

We offer a one year labor warranty on all parts installed by us