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  Washer Repair In Minneapolis St. Paul MN. Minneapolis Appliance Repair Service Is among the most reliable and reputed washing machine repair experts in the region. We have 40 years of experience in Whirlpool Duet washing machine repair, and Sears Kenmore washing machine repair.  There is no mystery in understanding how important that washer is to your daily routine.   Minneapolis Appliance Repair Service is committed to providing you peace of mind as far as your home clothes washers go. We strive hard to ensure that you receive the best value for your money on each washing machine repair visit. Were wanting you to enjoy the comfort, speed, and efficiency your home washing machine provides. At an affordable cost for the longest period of time.  

  Whirlpool – Kenmore - Maytag Washer Repair Quick & Affordable  

We offer Sears Kenmore washer repair in addition front loading Whirlpool washer repair too. Older models with a timer knob or a newer front loading Whirlpool Duet washing machines with a computer. Newer Machines with a  mother board, we have the experience and factory training. For a fast and easy repair for most washing machines not just Whirlpool and Kenmore call now.   We have well stocked vans and can complete most repairs on the first visit. If for some reason we don’t carry that washer part, you will not pay for a second service call. We will return as fast as we can.   Pick up the phone and call us and we believe you will hear the difference. Invite us to the home and you will see the difference.


How To Washer Repair Tips

1. If something doesn't seem right the newer models with a computer should be unplugged for 1 minute to see if the washer cooperates now. It’s like rebooting the computer, This should be tried before calling us.

2. Monitor the exact problem as long as it takes so you can give the service tech an accurate idea. This helps him to understand the challenge he is facing, this saves us time and you money.

3. Make sure the hot and cold water valves are turned on fully.

4. Make sure the lint filter on the drain line is draining free.

5. Yes you should leave the door open due to moldy bellow seals on a front loading washer.

6. One hot load a week will keep smells out of the front loading washer tub.

7. A little white vinegar in the rinse water will help get the soap out of the clothes, soften the water. This can also help to cut back on softeners and chemicals.

8. A little baking soda in the wash will help fight odors and soap build up.For front loading washing machines. 

9. Place small items in a wash bag or they will end up in the pump.

10. Never ever slam the washer door, door latch assemblies are plastic and expensive.

11. Check those pockets, something sharp can cut the bellows seal, very expensive.

  Do It Yourself  Washer Repair Tips

12. Of coarse if it falls apart don’t put it in the washer, especially $5.00 throw rugs. Throw them away or soak it somewhere else.

13. Front loading washers and HE washers need wash bags to be used on anything small or delicate. Small things like socks will sneak into the pump and stop the washer from use.

14. Adults should know how and where to shut off the water to the washing machine or entire house if necessary. In fact this practice could be very important in that time of need, when minutes count.

15. Hydrogen Peroxide in and around your washer can help in many ways. To read up here and around the internet is not a waste of time on the many uses.

 16. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to pretreat stains, just soak your whites, shower curtain, garage rags, towels and more. With no clothes in the washer put 4 ounces in the washing machine. Run a load to disinfect the washing machine inside where you can not see. Add 4 ounces of hydrogen peroxide and 4 ounces of baking soda in your washing machine.  This will also take away that musty smell from your towels.

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