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  Refrigerator Repair in Minneapolis - St. Paul MN. Minneapolis Appliance Repair Service should be your first choice for a fridge repairman. We have GE Refrigerator Repair, Sears Refrigerator Repair, Kenmore Refrigerator Repair along with Maytag Refrigerator Repair and Whirlpool Refrigerator Repair. Also I have the parts in my van for fast Amana Refrigerator Repair and Jenn-Air Refrigerator Repair too. I love to fix Kitchen Aid Refrigerators. Have lots of parts and mother boards for the fast Kitchen Aid refrigerator repair today. Most fridges so just ask I will  be there today. You are just a phone call away from a local refrigerator repairman and the answers you seek. Call and schedule now for the fast Refrigerator Repairs in Minneapolis-St. Paul MN you know you deserve. The quicker you call me the sooner you can put this little fridge repair challenge behind you. 

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Call now, it’s free and I will be there today, tonight, after work, or tomorrow morning.  I try my best for whatever is convenient for your schedule. I work with two (2) hour windows of time so you don’t have to sit home all day. With us you won’t be hoping that your refrigerator repairman will show like clients tell me about big corporate  services. I call first every time to let you know ahead of time that I will be there shortly. This should give you enough time to put up the pets and make the work area safe.

  Emergency Refrigerator Repair 

Emergency refrigerator repair needed like a Sears Kenmore refrigerator repair, just ask so I can slip you in today. Most makes & models of fridges repaired so just ask! I will be happy you called. I am helpful and friendly. For any reason I can’t help you I will point you in the right direction. We’ll also give you expert advice over the phone when you call, like should you fix the refrigerator or not. Sometimes refrigerator repair problems are easy to resolve or maybe you can repair the refrigerator yourself.   Below in the how to refrigerator repair tips section are things you should check before I drive to your home. These how to refrigerator repair tips save us time and you money or call 612-617-1000 today

  Find Refrigerator Repair Tips Here.


1. Clean the condenser coils annually, blowing them out is best.

2. If your fridge has a computer reboot it by unplugging the fridge for five (5) minutes, problems will vanish sometimes.

3. If the fridge is dead try the GFI circuit breaker or plug the fridge into a different outlet.

4. Always make sure the temperature controls are in proper settings, about medium to start.

5. Make sure the doors are closing tightly on there own and the ice chute door is closing too.

6. Clean door seals and what they touch with soap and water. That’s Insurance you’ll never need to replace a sticky ripped or torn door seal .

7. Food door storage should always be below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Make sure the fridge has been running at least 24 hours before the serviceman shows, unless you hear clicking noises.

9. If the food door storage is too cold the water dispenser will freeze. No water will come out of the water dispenser in the freezer door for a cold glass of water.

10. Plastic water supply lines to the fridge is an accident waiting to happen. They can be damaged and then leak until you find water damage everywhere.

  More Refrigerator Repair Tips

11. If a big party is planned use a cooler for beer and soft drinks. When the refrigerator door is open too much, the fridge runs non stop trying to cool down again. Then the compressor will never turn off for days and burn up the starting parts. Even the computer burns up, seen this happen many times.

12. Any signs of a water leak turn the water off and call for service. If you can not find the water shut off call anytime.

13. If you need Amana Refrigerator Repair because the refrigerator is dead and you have a bottom freezer drawer. Twice a year I find that the freezer is too full with food. When you pull the bottom freezer drawer open, the food turns the dial to the off position. Turn it on and send money to your favorite charity.

14. How and why to organize your fruits and vegetables.

15. Every adult person in the home should know where to shut off the water for the whole house. At least  know where the fridge water shut off is in case of a refrigerator water leak.

16. Make sure the refrigerator circuit breaker is clearly marked on the circuit breaker box ahead of an emergency. Practice with the adults finding and turning off the correct circuit breaker.

17. Leave the refrigerator off 5 minutes between stops and starts.

18. Need a GE Refrigerator Repair when the freezer goes up 10 degrees now and then, and returns to 0 again. This means your GE refrigerator is running to much and over heating. If you have this symptom call now before more damage occurs.

19. Hydrogen Peroxide used correctly will clean and disinfect the refrigerator and it’s contents.

20. After your refrigerator has been delivered make real sure the refrigerator display reads the correct temperatures. So many times i am there at a clients house for a GE refrigerator repair and noticed the temperatures were wrong from installation.There is too much at stake just to say we did not how to reset the refrigerator display. 

21. Have a counter depth refrigerator in your kitchen that tends to be full at times. Maybe children that like to hang on the doors. Probably should ask the installer about anti-tip brackets to be installed behind the fridge. Nothing is too good or too safe for my babies. 

22. Over the years I have seen a few fridges turned off and a loss of food. Try to lock the controls or take the knob off so the curious toddler don't make a mistake. Seen this yesterday.


You should contact us for refrigerator repairs, the sooner the better. We have solutions for GE fridge repair, Whirlpool fridge repair, Amana fridge repair, Kenmore fridge repair, Kitchen Aid fridge repair, Maytag fridge repair and more.


Hydrogen Peroxide tips For Fridges

Hydrogen peroxide at 3% can be used in the same fashion as any store bought cleaner. 2 ounces in a sink full of cold clean water for squeaky clean vegetables, clean and free of most everything. Clean the cutting board sometimes if not every time with hydrogen peroxide to disinfect after use. With a spray bottle, spray down the inside of your refrigerator to clean and disinfect the walls and shelves. Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, germs and more. 

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