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Family Owned Dryer Repair in Twin Cities


Minneapolis Appliance Repair Service in the Twin Cities is Highly trained for that Same Day completion for Dryer Repair. Gas Dryer Repair or Electric Dryer Repair Today 

We offer Sears Kenmore Dryer Repair for over 38 years. Don’t wait for 5 days for a Sears Kenmore dryer repair, or talk to a computer. Don’t listen to someone trying to hard sell you a service contract. We want you for a client for life and we will show you. We will be there today for your Kenmore dryer repair or Whirlpool dryer repair.  Talk to a friendly trained secretary that you will notice she is listening to your concerns. Your Whirlpool Dryer Repair normally takes 1 hour or less once we arrive to your home. The sooner you call for Whirlpool Dryer Repair in the morning the easier it is to schedule you in today. 

38 years experience on Whirlpool Dryer Repair in Minneapolis-Saint Paul so you don’t have to wait for Whirlpool Dryer Repair. We will be there today, or what is convenient for you or your family. Your Whirlpool Duet Dryer Repair parts are in our vans. Or there is no extra charge for the trip to the nearest appliance part store. Most times clients will call for Maytag dryer repair because it squeaks or rumbles. Don’t be in a hurry to replace the broken Maytag dryer.

Experience Is The Key

Normally we can offer Maytag dryer repair today. Did you know your old Maytag dryer repaired by a professional will out last your next 2 dryers. Plus you would have saved money on the purchase and it’s breakdowns soon after. We have a well stocked van ready for that Whirlpool Duet Dryer Repair today. 

Clients will ask, is my dryer worth saving or should I just buy a new, how long do dryers last? There is no life expectancy on dryers, it depends on these factors. 

1. What kind of dryer it is.

2. Have you done your best to take care of that dryer. 

3. How many loads of drying a week. 

4. Do you dry 7 loads on a Sunday or spread the loads out through the week. 

Clients will do 7 loads on a Sunday and the parts on that dryer get hotter and hotter every load. Until the parts burn up, those are the dryers that need motors. We don’t put in many motors on clothes dryers. When we do we find out the client does most of their laundry on a Sunday. Seniors will dry 2 light loads a week therefore their dryer can last 20+ years.

Every Dryer Has It’s Own Story

Every clothes dryer machine has it’s own story. We will quiz you when we get to the house about your drying habits. This is to make sure we are not repairing a tired dryer. We believe it is the new dryer that you should be concerned about fixing. Most believe they are designed to break down and only last so long. Call Minneapolis Appliance Repair Service today and ask the questions you need to feel comfortable before a service call. I am sure you will find the answers you seek and hear the professionalism.

Invite us to your home to make your clothes dryer repair problems go away. We reserve the right to refuse service to anybody at anytime for any reason. Below are How to Dryer Repair Tips maybe you should check before you call for a Dryer repairman. These dryer repair tips could save you time and money. Remember to put the dryer back together the way you found before a service tech arrives, thank you.


How to Dryer Repair Tips

  1. Monitor the clothes dryer closely so you can explain exactly what the dryer is doing or not doing. Record all error codes. This saves the serviceman time and you money.
  2. When the dryer is heating but not drying, pull the vent off and do a load with a window open. If the load of clothes dries in the normal time span then you know the clothes dryer is fine. The problem is in the venting system, clean your vent the best you can and reattach the vent.
  3. Clothes Dryer fires are real, 15,000 dryer fires a year we recently read. So if your dryer takes to long to dry stop using the dryer and call Minneapolis Appliance Repair Service today.
  4. Hard dryer vents are a must, if you have a dryer fire, those flexible dryer vents can’t contain the flames.  Whatever is flammable near the dryer or vent will burn and could result in a bad day.
  5. For dryers with computers, if the dryer is not responding to the touch of buttons. Try unplugging the dryer for 30 seconds and plugging it back in. Sometimes the dryer will reboot and work just fine this time.
  6. When painting with any chemicals in your home remember this. Clothes dryers suck in fresh air and blow the wet air out the vent to the outside of the house. The chemical fumes will enter the dryer and the flame or heat element will burn the fumes and smell bad. Clothes could be a difficult to get that burnt smell out, but not impossible.

Do It Yourself Dryer Repair Tips

  1. When using dryer sheets quite often I find them where they should not be in the dryer. Tie the dryer sheet to a belt loop of your pants or in a pocket.  Now you can find it later without the help of a service tech.
  2. Think before you throw a dryer away, I have found inside dryers, house keys, credit cards, money, diamond rings, keys. It scares me when I see folks throwing a dryer away in front of their own home.
  3. It’s risky to use a dryer and go to bed or leave the house, that’s when accidents happen.
  4. Remember your pets before you close the door and turn on the dryer.
  5. If you overload the dryer you risk burning out the heat element, thermostat, or thermo fuse.
  6. Talked to a client today and she said, her son gets rashes from dryer sheets. Try washing all bedding and clothing in just white vinegar to get the excess soap out.
  7. If your clothes dryer takes to long to dry, look inside the drum with the door open. See if a dryer sheet is stuck to the back vent and restricting airflow, seen this more than once.
  8. Every adult should be able to find your clearly labeled circuit breaker for the clothes dryer in case of emergency. Practice this event ahead of time and maybe you will be happy you did.



Areas We Service

An electric dryer and gas dryer is an important home appliance, which should be maintained properly for smooth running. Should the dryer have a problem suddenly, you may be able to fix the dryer on your own. However, if the problem appears to be beyond your skill, you need not attempt a repair on your own. Call a qualified repair technician to put the dryer back in order. We offer Dryer Repair in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Richfield, Bloomington, Edina, Golden Valley, Wayzata, Osseo, New Hope, Crystal, Burnsville. Dryer repair in Mendota Heights, Eagan, Eden Prairie, even 15 minutes up the highway for Plymouth, Maple Grove, Roseville. Also Dryer repair in Arden Hills, New Brighton, Maplewood and many more. Just ask If you live anywhere in Twin Cities MN.

How To Dryer Repair Tips 

If the dryer has stopped working all of a sudden, the problem may lie with the power supply. Electric wiring, thermal fuse, or door switch could be faulty. Firstly, you should check the power supply to the dryer. If the power supply is okay, and there is no blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker either. Then you should take a look at the door switch. If this switch has become faulty, the dryer will stop working. This switch is located inside the dryer close to the door frame. You may have to open the front or top of the dryer to locate the switch. If the switch is faulty, you will need to replace it.

Several dryer models have a thermal fuse inside the back cover panel. The thermo fuse is about one inch in length and is usually mounted in a white colored plastic housing. If the thermo fuse has failed, the electric dryer is dead, or the gas dryer may stop heating. The thermo fuse must be replaced to put the dryer back in order. In some cases, on electric dryers the main supply wiring connecting may have burnt. If this is case, you will need to replace the power cord and the terminal block within the dryer.

The Dryer is not Heating or is Overheating

If the dryer is not heating adequately or has stopped heating completely, you need to check the power supply. If this is in order, the problem may lie with the heating element. In many cases, the heating element may have burnt out, which causes the dryer to stop heating. The heating element is just a long coil made of special wire. You should test it for continuity using an ohm meter. If the continuity has failed, it indicates that the element has developed a break or defect and must be replaced.

It is not possible to repair an electric heating element. Sometimes the electric dryers can overheat. This may occur due to a clogged vent system or a faulty cycling thermostat or too large of a load. First check the vent system and clean any dirt and lint from the internal and external duct work. When the dryer is overheating, check the cycling thermostat. If it is found defective, you will need to replace it.

If the Dryer does not Tumble

Your electric dryer or gas dryer does not tumble, check its drive belt that enables the clothes drum to turn. If the belt is broken or worn out, the drum will not rotate. Causing the tumble process to stop or not work. You will need to replace the belt, and usually the idler pulley will also have to be replaced. The idler pulley also wears out along with the belt sometimes.

 Checking The Motor and Fan

The tumble process may also stop if the dryer motor has burned out. Check the motor function, remove the drive belt and look for any obstructions in the housing of the blower fan. If the blower fan housing is found clear, rotate the motor’s shaft manually. If you find it very hard to rotate manually, the motor will need to be replaced. When the motor runs freely without the belt, the problem may lie with the clothes drum or the idler pulley. 

If the Dryer is Noisy

If the Whirlpool-Kenmore dryer is making noise, first check whether the machine has wheels or rollers to support the drum. Rollers can become noisy when they are worn out. The complete set of rollers must be replaced together. If the idler pulley is worn out, it can also cause noise, and must be replaced. Several dryer models make use of plastic or nylon glides at the front side of the clothes drum for support. Worn out glides can get noisy, and need to be replaced.

Some clothes dryer models provide a rear support to the clothes drum with a center spindle and not rollers. If the components of the spindle are worn out, they may cause a squeaking or squealing sound. The spindle may have to be replaced in such a case. The dryer has a blower wheel, which is generally made of plastic. This wheel may become worn out over a period of time. If after cleaning the wheel, it still continues to be noisy, it may have worn out and needs replacement. I am hoping that if our how to dryer repair tips did not solve your problem today. That you will call us today and let us put this clothes dryer repair behind you.