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All of our parts come with a full manufacturer’s warranty from the date on the original repair invoice. We only install genuine exact factory replacement parts from the local parts stores, not something cheap off the internet that might last around a year. 90 days has been the manufacturer’s warranty on parts for over 5 years now. We here at Minneapolis Appliance Repair Service Co. extend to you the same manufacturer’s warranty on parts installed by us. Our warranties are as follows;

Installed Parts 90 Days
Labor (with parts) 30 Days
Repair (no parts) 30 Days
Service Call 10 Days

Our view here at Minneapolis Appliance Repair Service Co. is when a service tech with as much experience as ours installs your parts correctly,  you will not have problems. It would sadden us to get a phone call from a client that the appliance is doing the same thing as it was 2 years ago. That just would not feel fair to a client. So we never install used or cheap replacement parts.

In the last 5 years we can only remember 2 parts that have gone bad early, 2 oven ignitors have burned out in about 2 years. When we installed the oven ignitors we explained to the client, they should get 5 years or so service from those ignitors. We replaced those damaged oven Ignitors for are valued clients for one half off the normal installation charge.

Yes the parts were out of warranty but that was just not fair to our client. If ever you have a problem with a repair or a part installed by Minneapolis Appliance Repair Service Co. don’t worry about anything, we will work through this challenge. We treat you as we would expect to be treated. By now we hope you have the feeling that we are family owned and not a large corporate entity.