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Oven Repair

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Oven Repair by Minneapolis Appliance Repair Service in Minneapolis – Saint Paul MN. Twin Cities Premier repair service. 38 Years Experience, Quick and Affordable. 

We have Whirlpool Oven Repair, Maytag Oven Repair, GE Oven Repair, Kenmore Oven Repair, Kitchen Aid Oven Repair. Viking Oven Repair for 38 years too. 

We have fully stocked vans for your Gas oven repair and that quick and easy oven repair visit. When you call us you will hear the professionalism from a live voice that answers the phone. We usually ask what is convenient and offer 2 hour time slots so you know when to expect us. We’ll always call first about 30 minutes before arrival so there are no surprises just like our Oven repair service.

We give you an exact price before we start any repair and a written guaranty. Below in the How To Oven Repair Tips section are suggestions you should try before we get there. Remember your safety is most important. So if your skill level is a little weak, call a expert like Minneapolis Appliance Repair Service Co.


How to Oven Repair Tips

  1. Sometimes digital oven controls just don’t cooperate, unplug the oven for 30 seconds. This will  reboot the computer and see if all is well now.
  2. If the oven is 100% dead try replacing the fuses or flipping the circuit breakers off for 30 seconds. For gas ovens try plugging the oven into an extension cord across the room to a new power source.
  3. When you use the same surface burner on the top of the oven every time that one will fail first. Maybe 2 or 3 years, depending on the frequency of use. We suggest alternating from one burner to the other.  So maybe in 10 years or more they will all be worn out at the same time. You can just purchase a new oven at that time instead of keeping up with repairs along the way. 
  4. With children in the kitchen remember to favor the back burners so they don’t burn their hands.
  5. If that smooth glass top just does not cook the way you think it should. Learn more about special pots and pans made for smooth top surfaces. Smooth top pots and pans do not rock when placed on the burner.

More How To Oven Repair Tips

  1. Smooth tops are glass and break like glass. Never put heavy things above the glass that can drop. If you break the glass, the price of glass installation is near the price of a whole new stove.
  2. Don’t spray liquid cleaners near knobs that can damage a switch. Instead spray cleaner on the rag or sponge and wipe clean.
  3. Install Anti tip brackets behind ovens. In case the oven becomes too heavy in front.
  4. Not a good idea to buy drip pans at a local hardware, they never fit correctly. Instead go to a appliance part store with your model number. Buy exact replacements so your burners and pans are not setting funny.
  5. Gas ovens use oxygen in the kitchen area and may make you sleepy on a day of big cooking. Open a window just a little to let fresh air in and the dead air out.
  6. For smooth top stoves look into marble smooth top pots they last a long time.
  7. If you have an oven with a touch pad, remember that I have heard that when cats walk around sometimes. They trigger the oven or a burner to come on. When leaving for a long period of time, turn it off or enable the child lock if you have one.


Keep Your Oven Clean and Efficient

You use the oven on a daily basis to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals for your family. A dish of baked chicken parmesan or lip-smacking tuna casserole. What comes out of the oven, rarely fails to delight. It’s only when the oven refuses to work right, do you realize how much this handy kitchen appliance matters. Fortunately, a break-down is easily avoidable. Regular care ensures that your oven will continue to function well for years. Perform a few simple maintenance tasks routinely and that turkey will roast to perfection, every Thanksgiving!

Scrubbed Clean

Ovens operate optimally when they’re clean. Oven liners that are encrusted with food have a drastic impact on its efficiencies.  After a session of baking  you must clean up any spilled food in the oven. If not, they could carbonize and get difficult to remove entirely. Some ovens come with a self clean mode for a sparkling clean oven. 

You could also use a combination of baking soda, dish detergent, and water to create a gentle, environment-friendly oven cleaner. Check the results to see if the home-made cleaner is enough to clean your oven.

Also make sure that you don’t spray clean directly onto the control panel, as this could ruin it. Be as thorough as you can, when it comes to hinges and little nooks and corners. Food particles and grease could and do accumulate there, and cause breakdowns.

Stay Safe With Appliances

While doing your routine, daily cleaning, perhaps weekly. Use a damp cloth and make sure that the oven has cooled down before you get your hands in there. If you are giving your oven a full scrub-down, you should absolutely wear safety or protective gloves.

Most commercial oven cleaners have sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, which can burn the skin and the eyes. In addition, when cleaning the oven, make sure you do not rub your eyes until you have thoroughly washed them.

Appliance Points to Consider

When you clean the hinges, the doors, the handle, or the moving parts of the oven. Try and be as careful as you can, even if you are wearing gloves, you can sustain cuts and injuries. It is always a good idea to have safety glasses at home when performing this type of work. Although this could be a little overkill, some people have strong reactions to self-cleaning oven chemicals.

It’s better to stay out of the kitchen and keep the house well-ventilated when the cleaning is in progress. Many people fear this option, because some users, not many, reported seeing some sparks and an occasional fire. Even if you do choose to avoid the self-cleaning option, a portable fire extinguisher is a must in every kitchen. 

In case you notice any other problem with the oven or cannot determine the issue. Call your Oven service provider Minneapolis Appliance Repair Service immediately. If the warranty has elapsed, which is likely, you should call us. We are oven repair professionals who will fix your gas oven and insure it works as well as it did.

Oven Temperature Sensor

Inside the oven towards the rear, there is a slim tube like element held in place by two screws. This is the oven’s temperature sensor which is responsible for cycling the heating element to prevent overheating. Find and hire a technician to check it with an ohmmeter. A reading of 1000-1100 ohms is normal. If the sensor is not providing enough resistance, replaced it.